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Golden Jubilee Videos

Shadow Dance

The journey of St. joseph's Convent School can now be viewed as a shadow dance performed by the school students. Using a sheet, their bodies, and lights, the 14 member dance troup re-envisioned the ancient story of SJCS. Their narrative performance illustrates the full story of SJCS starting from 1966 to till date. Through dance, and oral tradition, reliving the Passover story is a reminder of the enduring value of history.

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50 Years of Love Song

Let us heighten the jubile spirit with a jubilian song about our school by our Novices.

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Man Mayuri

Peacock dances for an enchanting and mesmerising demonstration indicating rainfall is incluse and starts dancing in rhythmic fashion. Man Mayuri expresses the love that the majestic peacock shares with the rains. The dancers as the peacock suave with graceful movements depicting hapiness and joy. The dance form is based on manipuri dance where the dancers feet never strikes the ground hard and the movements of the body and feet with facial expression are very sudden

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Classical Fusion

Indian classical dance is an umbrella form for various scorifing art forms rooted in sacred musical theatre. This is a fusion of Indian classical dance. Odissi- The oldest forms surviving in India showing elobrate body postures, eye movements and integrate foot works. Bharatnatyam- Known for its elegant, grace, expression, purity and tenderness. Kathak- Which traces its origin to the nomadic birds shows complex foot works and spins in rhythmic plain with the time cycle. The dancers here unite to a single musical journey still maintaining their individuality of the three classical dance forms Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kathak.

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Hand in hand we stand song

With decade of selfness, social service for the improvement of mankind josephines have now spread all over the globe working hand in hand to make the world a better plave to live.

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Prayer Dance

Prayer is the interior silence thought expressed and holy of mind art, body and feelings to god. Ganesh mantra invokes positivity, purity, energy removing fear by the blessings of godesses durga mother of universe, man is able to get his imansipasyon and savision for safe of the soul from sin by the grace of the deities by free will and efforts through prayer and asceticism

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Prayer song by the Novices

The Novices of the daughters of the cross are young girls who are being trained to become sisters they have lot association with the school where they are been trained. This prayer song is peresented by the Novices of the daughters of the cross.

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Tilak and visiting photo gallery

The Tilak is a mark of auspiciousness and invokes a feeling of respect in the wearer and others.

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Welcoming of the Guest and Welcome Song

School fulfills its motto "God my country and my duty" with Grace, Growth and Gratitute celebrating 50 years of gods blessing and contribution of many great persons of the school.

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